Out of All #CSIstats, You’re the 1 that Matters


As of late, some numbers have been circulating under the hashtag #CSIstats and on the CSInet blog (http://csinet.org/csistats).   In case you have missed it, CSI launched the #CSIStats information campaign with the goal of helping CSI leaders understand where CSI stands today by sharing facts about the Institute.

While some of these numbers hit home with most of the membership (1 in 4 members are architects or designers and 1 in 4 members are product representatives), there are also those that are more surprising (1 in 6 members either gave no email address or have addresses that are blocked/undeliverable and 56% is the average retention rate for members under the age of 50).  Although the #CSIstats program is relatively new and has produced four weeks of numbers, it has been intriguing to see the results.  Fortunately, I’ve been involved with multiple regions, as well as multiple chapters, so I have seen these numbers in action.  All in all, an interesting mix of people and groups over my five years with the Construction Specifications Institute.

But out of all of the numbers that have been published to date, there is a unique number that matters the most as it pertains to the past 60 years of CSI and the future of the organization. That number is 1.  For 1 is all it takes to ask questions, give answers, attend meetings, present a topic, push the envelope and shake up the norm.  While the CSI organization consists of over 10,000 industry professionals including specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, product representatives, manufacturers, owners and more, it truly is the power of 1 that can make a difference.  

Nowhere has the power of 1 been more evident that in the #CSIkraken message that has been spread within the organization since the Summer of 2013.   What is a CSIKraken?  Portland CSI sums it up best:  It is a movement, an attitude, a desire to aspire. Kraken’s never give up, always help, are positive and supportive, they find solutions and teach.  They are committed, passionate, dedicated and make it happen.  1 is the number of Kraken’s it takes to shake up a meeting, a Chapter, even a Region or an Organization if they truly have the mentality that they want to make a difference and have the willingness to spread the Kraken fever.

1 does not have to be a Kraken to spread the message or infuse your passion within CSI.  1 should just look to get involved and see if what is offered is for you: formats, technology, education, certification and more.  The more, for me, is the 10,000+ strong network of individuals who freely share their knowledge, help those who ask for assistance and go out of their way to spread the mission of CSI: to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.

I am a month away from my five year anniversary of joining CSI. A decision that I will truly never regret and am thankful for each and every day.  Thankful for the education I have attained, for the places I’ve traveled and most especially for the people I have met.  I am excited for the future of CSI and while I know the organization is going through their own growing pains, I also know that there are people involved that care deeply enough to not let it fail or stagnate, whether a self described CSIkraken or otherwise.

I encourage you to join, renew or just plain get involved and help spread the exponential power of 1.

4 thoughts on “Out of All #CSIstats, You’re the 1 that Matters

  1. Reblogged this on DESIGN MATTERS and commented:
    All it takes in our industry to create change is for one person to step forward and lead with passion. Others will follow if the outcome is seen to make a positive contribution. The goal should not be more, rather the goal should be the best quality. CSI needs you to be involved to be the best organization possible.

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