Are You Sharing Your Wealth?


To many, the definition of wealth is money. Being part of the 99%, I know that I most likely will never attain the financial wealth that places me in the 1%.  I’m OK with that as I have other levels of wealth that I place higher than the financial side.

I have wealth in my home life.  I am blessed with three incredible children and my fiance, who has now been with me for 6 years and whom I’ve known for 30 years.  I have wonderful parents and a great sister who live close by.  I have “in-laws” that I couldn’t ask to be any nicer.  We have a roof over our head, drive two safe and reliable vehicles and have a garage to place them in at night. I couldn’t be more thankful for all of these things.

I also have access to a wealth of information.  I have always considered myself to be a fairly informed individual. I like to stay privy of cutting edge technology, trends and more.  I have always felt that one of the tremendous strengths of Twitter is the ability to acquire information instantly.  No longer do we wait for the morning paper, the 6PM news or breaking stories on CNN.  Now it is possible to pull out a device not much bigger than your palm and FOR FREE you have access to NOW.  Sure, hundreds of thousands of news outlets are sharing on Twitter, but more so millions of individuals are sharing their knowledge and their now.  It is certainly not all ‘I’m having bologna for lunch!’ or ‘I’m out walking the dog and it’s cold!’ so, how come you haven’t given Twitter a whirl?  I find no better platform to accumulate and disseminate information and I really don’t envision a better medium coming along anytime soon, if ever.

What are you doing with your wealth of information?  I like to share mine, whether through my blog, Twitter (, LinkedIn (Connect with me! or any of my other social media accounts ( and email.  Sometimes, I even use the phone.

Personally, I really enjoy adding to my wealth of information through CSI, the Construction Specifications Institute is an organization that is 13,000 volunteers strong that understand it is in no one’s best interest to hoard information.  Free sharing of wealth is abundant within CSI. Whether you are acquiring it a local level through a Chapter or seeing a CSI Speaker in person, at a National Conference like CONSTRUCT or the CSI Academies, or through Twitter itself, you have direct (and most likely free!) access to building owners, construction specifiers, engineers, architects, interior designers, manufacturers and product representatives who share their wealth.  Chances are, you don’t even have to be a CSI member to acquire knowledge from these outlets, but it certainly helps!

I do feel that the World is in a better place when you share your wealth.  I wish I could share more monetarily, especially come Holiday season, but for the time being, I share what is valuable to me: knowledge and information.  Have a question on indoor sports flooring or concrete moisture?  Ask away. Want to know my thoughts on craft beer or music?  I like those too!  Don’t even bother asking about the Dallas Cowboys right now.  My sharing of knowledge is always free.


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