Joining is Just the Start


Words and thoughts that seem forced do no good for anyone.  If it seems too polished, too pushy or too cookie cutter, the message is lost, or more so, just plain old ignored.  Whether these words come out of your mouth, or in your marketing brochure, website, or even in your social media, it all falls on deaf ears if it is not from the heart.

Almost five years ago, I met a community of individuals where their words, thoughts and actions never seem pushed. It could be at a 7AM committee meeting, a 6PM Chapter meeting or a phone call anytime in between, my interactions with these people was always sincere, warm and authentic.  Too often nowadays our dealings with individuals make you feel like that person is just going through the motions and just doing what it takes to get by, either to punch out, to collect the paycheck or to provide just enough information to barely answer the question.  On the brink of five years in this community and I’ve never felt that someone is just skirting by, forcing an issue or even trying to play deceptive.

Answers and information are easier to come by dealing with these people.  Handshakes and smiles more easily exchanged.  At one point, perhaps this was more of the norm, but now it seems more of the exception to the rule.  I will always be thankful of having an equal seat at this table that is the Construction Specifications Institute.  12,000+ members strong and embodied of not just construction specifiers, but also owners, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, product representatives and more. All living and breathing the mission of CSI: to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.

Joining is just the start.  Attending programs and event is a step in the right direction.  Getting involved on a committee or in local Chapter leadership is the path to the finish line.  There are indeed individuals out there that have clear and honest intent in the construction industry.  CSI may not be the only organization that you will find them, but it is the one that I trust the most.  I haven’t been led astray in my 5 years and don’t believe that I will be anytime soon.

From now until Friday, November 22nd, you have a unique opportunity to join this fray and pay only $192 for national dues — a 20% savings.

1.Log onto

2.Select “Join Now”, and then click “Sign Up as a New Member”

3.Enter Promotion Code CSIsocial13 when prompted

4.Click the “Add Discount” button

Be sure to seek out and join one of the 100+ Chapters of CSI that you can find across the USA.  Build your brand, add your voice to the mix and share your unique knowledge. #joinCSI

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