The Core Missions of a CSI Region


I’m almost 5 years into my ‘tenure’ with the Construction Specifications Institute and have been an active member of the Allentown, PA Chapter, as well as the Vermont Chapter as of late.  These 2 Chapters fall under two distinct regions of CSI, with Allentown representing the Mid-Atlantic Region and Vermont being a member of the Northeast Region.

I have not had a chance to fully involve myself into either Region, but have attended events within each, as well as Caucuses for each at the last 2 CONSTRUCT conferences.

Becoming more active in a Chapter has set off an internal strife I have had about becoming more active in the Region.  I have asked numerous active members about the ‘purpose’ of a Region and up to now and have yet to receive a strong argument as to why I should become a more active participant in a Region.  That is, until now.  J.W. Mollohan of the Kansas City Chapter and the President of the North Central Region has penned a terrific summary of the core missions of a CSI Region.  While his post below only went out to those receiving the CSI Leaders email that hit inboxes on October 25th, I feel that the post needed to be shared with the general CSI public.

Thank you, J.W. for sharing your words with the CSI Leaders and allowing me to share those with the World.

The Core Missions of a CSI Region

Written by J.W. Mollohan, CSI, CCPR

By virtue of our inclusion in the Institute Board’s annual transition planning session, the leaders of CSI’s ten regions gathered recently in Atlanta and again at CONSTRUCT in Nashville. Thinking back to Atlanta, a lively discussion of common issues ensued. Endeavoring to hold our core mission in constant sight, we sought to define the services provided our constituent chapters and, ultimately, our members. The items listed below garnered multiple endorsements:

  • Sharing best practices among our chapters’ and leaders
  • Aiding chapters in maintaining minimum operating standards
  • Creating a sense of community among the region’s chapters
  • Offering guidance for each of the chapters’ standing committees
  • Sharing educational programs and speakers among chapters
  • Providing leadership training for chapter and region leaders
  • Recognizing achievement at all levels of CSI
  • Establishing academic networks among regional schools
  • Educating our regional membership on Institute initiatives

Most encouraging was a common statement of commitment to listening to our chapters and members, so that the services we deliver are those most desired. This local connection is difficult for Institute to replicate. As a body, we are confident that the regions remain an integral link in the chain of information from member to Institute.

As region leaders continue to meet, we will be sure to pass along the great info they continue to talk about.

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