We All Need a Push Sometimes


I’ve only briefly had the chance to return to the local playground so far this year.  As much as I would like to say it was for myself, it wasn’t.  Reid (seen above), who just turned 2 in March, is the ultimate joy to be with and it is amazing to watch him grow right before my eyes.  It seems like just a few weeks ago we brought him home from the hospital.  Now he is almost completely self sufficient and I expect him any day to ask me for the car keys. Thankfully we’re not at this point yet and every once in a while we are reminded that he is only 2 and needs us close by.  He likes to slide and climb and isn’t quite big enough to get fully into it, but he also likes to swing.  I’m very much looking forward to him being big enough to hold on for himself and ask me to push him.  Once in a while, we all need that push.

Whether it’s on a figurative swing or literal swing, sometimes we just need that person behind us encouraging us to go higher.  Perhaps it’s your boss, your sales manager, your wife, your girlfriend, your mother or even your son, but we all need that push – that encouragement – to go further, higher, harder or more.  As a fairly independent person, I’ve never been one to reach out for help or a push.  More often than not, I’ve needed that push but have been to strong willed (which sounds so much better than stubborn) to ask.

There are numerous things I could use a push about.  I’ve been meaning to push myself to write more and had actually wrote in my 2013 goals to do so.  It doesn’t take much poking around my blog to realize I didn’t do to well at that.  Well, perhaps I finally got the push I needed today.  For now the details will remain nameless, but let’s just say that you should be seeing a fairly regular blog post from me.  We’ll say monthly and go from there.

Time to get on the grown up swing.  Can you give me a push?


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