Our Instant Gratification Society

Is society to blame for the “I want it and I want it NOW’ entitlement that some people possess? Technology is speeding out of control and has put us in the fast lane for everything.  The answer you seek once took extensive research and perhaps a visit to a library – whether the architectural library or the community library – and that answer is now at the tip of your fingers.

Google has completely changed the way we live, whether you are a user or not.  As I tweeted this morning “Google is the modern day Big Brother. They are EVERYWHERE. Matter of are you trying to hide or be found?”  Even if you live completely off the grid, I’m not even sure you can hide from Google.  How easy is it to be found nowadays?  While addressing Christmas cards last night, I was missing a few addresses.  Within 3 minutes, I had the 3 addresses I need.  So, if you can’t hide, you might as well try to be found.

Being in construction sales and marketing, it is my job to be found.  Whether a specifier needs an architectural specification or an interior designer needs samples for their charette, I need to be Googleable, as do my keywords.  When one of these parties reach out, what is the proper expectation for my response time?  With smart phones, tablets and constant internet connectivity, my job is no longer 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.  Even though that is what I am paid for, my job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  And if I don’t make myself available 24/7/365? My competitor most likely will.  Even though the specifier or interior designer gives a window of opportunity for me to respond, I know the early bird still gets the worm.  It goes along with search engine results when you are looking for something.  How often do you click through to page 2?  Chances are, you are clicking on page 1 and you are finding what you are looking for within seconds.

This all ties back to our instant gratification society that we now live in.  The internet and social media are entirely to blame for the  “I want it and I want it NOW’ entitlement that we live in.  You can embrace it wholeheartedly or you can continue to live in denial.  Our constant connectivity is not going anywhere and if anything, is getting worse.  Our car dashboards are no longer just speedometers and odometers.  Google Glass is on the horizon.  You can choose to accept it all or get left behind. I choose to live and accept the former and am excited at the continued possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Our Instant Gratification Society

  1. Eric. Love this. It need to go on our website and be attached or should be at the bottom of our e-mail blasts too. I think National should pick this up as well. I would send it to Joy Davis too. She may include it in her “Golden Rep” presentation.

    Great job!

    David S. Wrigley, CSI, CCS
    Immediate Past President,
    Program Chair, Allentown Chapter of CSI
    Construction Specifier

    Spillman Farmer Architects
    1720 Spillman Drive, Suite 200
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015-2169
    Tel. 610.865.2621 Fax: 610.865.3236


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