#CONSTRUCT 2012 – Phoenix Here I Come

It wouldn’t be like me if I didn’t wait until almost the last second.  Despite the fact that I had my airfare booked from PHL > PHX for September, I finally pulled the string and booked my attendance and hotel for CONSTRUCT.   Having never been to Arizona (and really only west of Chicago once – to Seattle), I am looking forward to Phoenix for more reasons than one.

The CONSTRUCT Show, now produced by Hanley Wood is formerly the CSI Show.  This will be my 3rd year attending the Exhibit Hall and 2nd straight year attending for the seminars and education.

Attendees of CONSTRUCT are Architects, Engineers, Specifiers, General Contractors, Project Managers, Building Owners and professionals such as myself in the building team.  Under one roof and in one City you can meet more people in one day that a year’s worth of meetings and work can get you.

CONSTRUCT is a registered AIA/CES provider and each class is 90-minutes.  Focusing on subjects such as sustainability, specification intent, contracts, building envelope, moisture, modern technology and more, the chances are strong that you will find numerous sessions that interest you.

Flight is booked, attendance is booked and hotel is booked.  Looks like I’m as good as there.  I hope we have the chance to meet at #CONSTRUCT if you make it.  Drop me a line in some social medium at @EricDLussier I’m planning on seeing the Diamondbacks host the Dodgers on Tuesday night if anyone is interested.

Don’t wait too much longer! Wednesday, August 15th is the last day to save over $100 on your attendance.  Take advantage now at http://www.constructshow.com/index.aspx

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