It’s a Visual Pinterest to Me

Ever skeptical about the latest and greatest trends in fashion, music & sports, I was apprehensive about jumping on board the latest and greatest thing in social media, Pinterest.  When I finally jumped on board and found out that I had to request an invite and actually wait for it to arrive, I thought ‘geez…this BETTER be good. Fortunately, the wait was not long for my account and I signed up, jumping on board at  Within an hour of uploading some pins and repinning a few items, I knew instantly that this great new device could be applied to my day job – as a construction product representative for Advantage Sport USA.

As Architects are visual creatures (and I work with lots of them, as well as interior designers), I realized almost instantly the benefits of starting a Pinterest page for Advantage Sport USA.  As I already rely on our Facebook page to showcase our installation work, I thought that Pinterest could be our images on steroids.  Not only can someone easily browse the images of the floors we offer, but when setup correctly, a click of the mouse can lead them to further information on the product (our manufacturers website), or better yet, a download of a brochure (from a direct URL).  As some firms move further and further away from an architectural library and are apprehensive to take unnecessary product meetings, any device that can deliver visuals and information easily and fluently is AOK in my book.

Fast forward less than 24 hours and I have launched the official Advantage Sport USA Pinterest page at I hope you can use this to get ideas of what you can do with your construction products.  Please keep in mind that for the time being, Pinterest doesn’t allow you to rearrange your pins on your board, so once you start pinning, you’ll want to literally save the best pin for last.

I’m excited what Pinterest has already brought to the table and what the early results are saying.  It is driving serious referral traffic (more than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined) and according to a comScore report, it was the fastest standalone site to pass the 10 million users mark, which happened over a month ago.

Of course, as soon as more companies figure out it’s potential, it could become less fun.  Remember Facebook for business pages?  Yeah, me too.  I’d say ‘come on, jump on’, but perhaps I want to be an early implementer of Pinterest for construction product reps.

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